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Welcome to my red hot infrared sauna website! Here you will learn all about the benefits of infrared saunas, the best ones available, and how you should choose one that is right for you. I have put together a list of reviews for the best infrared saunas available for sale on the market right now, so I hope you will find the information interesting and that it will help you to make up your mind to take the plunge, as it were, and get an infrared sauna for your home.

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Best Overall – JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna


The JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna is one to the best units you can get if you are looking for a unit that is cost effective but, at the same time, does not hold back on quality.

Attractive Unit

The unit has seven powerful carbon fiber heater panels which allow it to heat very quickly, between 7 and 8 minutes according to reviews. Thereafter, you can look forward to it holding a steady temperature. It also has a digital control that allows you to set the temperature for the duration of your session. It is constructed with 100% premium quality Canadian Hemlock wood which has not been chemically treated, so you need not be concerned about toxins getting into your system. The overall design gives a modern feel and it has nice touches such as large glass doors and great ambient lighting. Many customers appreciate the speakers that are included as adding to the overall experience.

Great Customer Experience

While the at-home sauna experience is what everyone is looking for, this can’t happen if you are unable to assemble the product. But this sauna was amazingly easy to put together. It is intuitively designed so that it’s almost impossible to assemble the unit incorrectly. So you can set up and start to enjoy the benefits of a sauna at home in under two hours. However, if there is a problem of any sort, know that the team at JNH Lifestyles provides excellent customer service; they are very responsive to your needs and even follow up with you post-purchase just to check on how things are going.

Best for One-Person – Dynamic Granada


The Dynamic Granada 1 Person Sauna is a very compact unit which makes it easy to find that perfect spot for it in your home, and it’s relatively easy to move around if necessary.

Small But Powerful

This one seater has three Dynamic Oversize Carbon Heating Panels which provide all the heating needed for your sauna experience. These heaters are placed at the base of the unit, on the front wall, and on the rear wall; the floors and the back of the seating have an open grate design so that the heating is evenly distributed. It is also sturdily-built with natural hemlock wood which helps the unit to retain heat. The use of Canadian red cedar accents make this unit even more attractive.

Easy Set Up

The Dynamic Granada has a modular panel design which makes the unit easy to set up. The LED control panel is placed on the outside of the unit so it is highly visible and you are able to set your times and temperatures easily and monitor them if need be.

Best Portable Infrared Sauna – DURHERM XLarge EMF


Many people have experienced or heard about the benefits of saunas but because of the cost of getting one, or because of limited space, they have been reluctant to even consider getting a home use system. Durherm’s extra-large portable unit takes care of both of those concerns.


This portable indoor sauna is extremely easy to set up. One simply has to unfold the unit and plug it in. It can fit virtually any place in your home, or in fact anywhere you choose to use it as long as there is an electric supply. It can be used in two ways in that you can use the folding chair supplied and sit with your head outside of the unit, or smaller persons can choose to totally enclose themselves in the unit. When you’re done using it, it folds easily for storage in most areas such as in a closet or under a bed.

Very Low EMF

Because of its simple design, the Durherm Portable Sauna uses very little electricity, so you will not have to be concerned about a skyrocketing electricity bill. One of the best things about the unit is that it is virtually EMF free, rating up to 600 times lower than most carbon sauna heating panels currently available. The unit also uses tourmaline heating panels – tourmaline is known to have many detoxifying and restorative benefits.

Best Corner Sauna – JNH Lifestyles 2-3 Person Far Infrared


The JNH Lifestyle brand is known for its high-quality saunas at relatively affordable prices. With their 2-3 Person Corner Far Infrared Sauna, they have another winning product.

Solid Construction

This unit provides good insulation because of its dual wall design and construction, and it’s built with Canadian hemlock wood, a hardwood that also assists with the unit’s insulation. The dual wall construction also prevents the unit from expanding when it is being used; therefore there will be no problems with the fit after installation. This hardwood construction makes the sauna sturdy, gives it a solid feel, and makes it able to withstand reasonable wear and tear.

High Quality Components

The strength of this high-quality sauna lies in the carbon fiber far infrared heaters that it uses. The unit uses five heaters, which allows it to heat up fairly quickly. A sauna is a relaxing experience and it is with this in mind that the team at LHN Lifestyles has included the capability for the you to listen to MP3s or your phone in the unit via premium speakers with an auxiliary port. It also has good lighting with energy-efficient LED bulbs. All of these features, as well as the electrical components, are ETL Approved and UL Listed, so you can be confident in using your sauna and not have to worry about electrical issues. In the event that something goes wrong, these components are backed by a two-year warranty, and with JNH Lifestyle’s exceptional customer service team working with you, any issue will be quickly resolved.

Best for Four Persons – JNH Lifestyles Joyous


Using a sauna is a very relaxing experience and even though you are relaxed there are a myriad of health benefits to be derived from the experience. Some persons are very social beings and, while a sauna session may vary in length, many of us would rather spend this time in the company of others. JNH Lifestyles Joyous 4 person Far Infrared Sauna is perfect for enjoying the experience with a small group.


Infrared technology, which produces dry heat, allows you to enjoy your sauna experience without the negatives associated with traditional steam saunas; negatives such operating at higher temperatures, which can cause some persons to feel as if they are suffocating. This is not problem with this unit though, as the heat is manageable, but it has the same effect of the steam saunas that can feel warmer. The unit is spacious enough to fit four persons, but many customers have said that they buy the larger units just to enjoy having the space that it provides and even to lie down in the unit.

Five Year Warranty

This unit is easy to set up and all of the heating and other electrical components have been approved by the relevant bodies. However, in case anything goes wrong the unit is backed by a five year warranty, so you don’t have the added concern about replacement parts for a few years if it becomes necessary.

Top Rated Outdoor Sauna – 4-Person Hemlock Wood Ceramic


Spending time outdoors can be a singularly relaxing experience. There is something about being close to nature that can simply melt all of one’s troubles away. Now imagine that blissful feeling of being outdoors being amplified by experiencing a sauna session while outdoors. This unit can provide that experience for you.


This is a fairly large unit as it measures 59” x 59” x 84.5”, so it gives plenty of space for you and a few others to enjoy the experience. It is attractively built using Canadian hemlock wood, and has a shingled roof as well as a sealed glass door and glass windows that are both attractive and functional. The unit is also waterproof, so it will withstand normal weather conditions without problems. The overall attractiveness of the unit is sure to enhance the look of your garden or any other space in which it is located.

Nice Features

Despite its size, the 4-person sauna is easily assembled, taking an average of two hours to put together, and if you need to move it, it is disassembled just as easily. The unit is equipped with six large ceramic far infrared heaters placed on the rear walls and under the benches to maximize the heat distribution. It is also equipped with a CD player and two great speakers, as well as four LED lights for reading. A great feature that is included is the ionizer with an ozone generator that freshens and purifies the air in the unit and removes airborne bacteria.

4-Person Corner Sauna Review – Radiant Saunas BSA1320 with 10 Heaters


When you first see the Radiant Sauna 4 Person Infrared Sauna in cedar, the first thing that comes to mind is exceptional quality. This comes from its elegant design, quality construction, and great finish. Then when you use it for the first time, you will be impressed by its performance.

High Quality Cedar

The unit is made from high-quality Canadian cedar that is very suitable for saunas because it is a good insulator – very important for the overall experience. Other attributes of the cedar construction is that it inhibits the growth of mold in the unit, it’s moisture-resistant and the wood has a nice fragrance and contains oils that are said to help with the body’s detoxification process. The unit is built to easily fit together and uses tongue and groove joinery to create a perfectly-aligned fit. Rounding off the external aesthetic is the bronze tinted windows that take the entire look of the unit up a notch.

Great Features

While the outside is solidly built and beautifully finished, it is the features inside of the unit that will really excite. First, the unit is fitted with ten InfraWave FAR heat technology heaters that emit very low levels of EMF while ensuring that the unit heats up super quickly and maintains a steady temperature during use. The built-in sound system is of good quality; the chroma therapy system adds a nice touch. The back rests, magazine holders, and towel hooks that come standard with the unit makes this one a winner.

Best for Three Persons – Lifesmart LS-TCED-IC3 Infracolor Ultimate


When buying a sauna, it’s not always possible to get all the features that you like in one unit. More often than not, you will have to sacrifice one thing over the other in order to get the best value for money. The LifeSmart Infracolor Ultimate 3 Person sauna does not feel like a compromise on any level.

Loaded with Features

This unit is packed with features that will make your sauna relaxing and enjoyable. It’s equipped with MP3 connections and two high quality speakers with preamp. To go along with the relaxing effect of music is great lighting provided through the Infracolor Infusion Mood Lighting System. This is a chromatherapy system that has a myriad of colors and uses a remote control to switch the color of the lights. Most units use either carbon or ceramic heating. This one, though, uses both systems to maximize the therapeutic and detoxification effects.

Euro Style Design

The unit is attractively designed and will fit well within any area in which you choose to place it. The full-length glass door has a Euro style feel, but it’s tinted, so you won’t feel exposed. The tint also helps with heat retention. The unit is easy to assemble and can be installed anywhere in your home.

Best in Canadian Hemlock Wood – GOLDEN DESIGNS AMZ-GDI-3306-01 Frankfurt, 3-Person


There are many saunas out there that claim to accommodate three people, but when you purchase the unit, you find that it’s not quite what you expected with regards to space; it’s either too small to fit the persons they say it can fit, or it’s such a tight squeeze that it defeats the purpose of comfort and relaxation. Not so with this 3 Person Infrared Sauna from Golden Designs. This unit is as it claims; it is a full three person unit.

Hemlock Wood Construction

This sauna is very solidly constructed from thick planks of Canadian hemlock wood on both the exterior and the interior; surpassing the industry standard. The unit is also double walled to ensure that it heats quickly and maintains that heat for a superior sauna experience. It’s easy to put the unit together because of the modular design so you won’t have to wait long before your first great experience. There are seven carbon heaters which are designed for low EMF emissions that are energy efficient. The heaters are the heart of the unit and these do not disappoint, providing heat of up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dual LED Panels

For your convenience, the unit has two LED panels – one on the outside and one inside of the unit – so you will be able to start the unit without entering and adjust as necessary once you are using the sauna. The team at Golden Designs has included a FM CD radio as well as an MP3 auxiliary port, and of course speakers so that you can listen to your favorite music while relaxing.

Top Foot Sauna Review – Lifesmart Tourmaline Stone


The feet have more nerve endings per square inche than anywhere else on the body. It is no wonder then that when you spend a lot of time on your feet, or they are affected by other factors such as improper footwear, the fatigue and discomfort you experience can and does affect the rest of your body. A foot sauna, such as Lifesmart’s Tourmaline Stone Foot Sauna is a good way to alleviate the effects of these stressors, in addition to providing you with the other health benefits associated with saunas.

Reflexology and Infrared Therapy

The unit has tourmaline stones at the base, and tourmaline is well known for its ability to help the body’s detoxification process as well as having many other benefits like strengthening the immune system and improving circulation. These coupled with the restorative ability of infrared technology will work wonders on your feet and, by extension, the rest of your body.

Compact & Portable Unit

The beauty of this foot sauna is that it can be used almost anywhere. Where other saunas confine you to a particular space because of size and effort to relocate, this unit can be used in so many locations. At home you can use it anywhere you feel like sitting – your bedroom, living room, or wherever is best for you. However, you can also use it in other locations such as at the office. Can you imagine the relaxation of a foot sauna while at work with the unit situated discreetly under the desk? Priceless!

Reviews Conclusion

With the relaxation and health benefits that infrared saunas provide, I’m sure that you will want to get one of your own to enjoy at your convenience. You may or may not choose to go with one of my recommendations, but you will see the best infrared saunas on offer and base your eventual decision on the features highlighted. Happy shopping!

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